Pilot & ATC Training System


It allows a better management of the training request. Once you have requested the training, the trainer will be in touch with you to agree a date.
With new features added, you can request training or exam simulation to prepare yourself for the pilot or ATC exam or to test your knowledge before taking the exam (this option is only available for PP/ADC exams). You can apply for the mock exam, only after a training session with a local/pilot trainer.
Apply for Training
If you are thinking about applying for a training session, you need to have passed the relevant theoretical pilot/ATC exam on ivao.aero and be available to take it in the next 30 days. You can't ask for a training if you have already requested the practical exam.
Training Material
You can find all the documents required to attend the training on the ivao.it website under the document section and on the ivao.aero website. It is advisable to have a brief (theoretical/practical) knowledge before requesting the first training.